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C.I.Be.C. Collaboration

Baia – palazzine located in Petronio street


Dr. Eng. Enrico Giamminelli, enrolled in the Register of Engineers of the Province of Naples, asked the Interdepartmental Center of Engineering for Cultural Heritage (CIBeC), on behalf of the Palazzine di Baia Park, located in Petronio street, in the town of Baia, an opinion of environmental adequacy, as prescribed by the Territorial and Landscape Plan of the Phlegraean Fields, for the reconstruction of a retaining wall.

Assessment of Environmental Compatibility

CIBeC has carefully examined the documentation exhibited by Eng. Giamminelli who fully describes the state of the places, in particular, the existing wall in a condition of collapse, the geometry and accessibility of the places, the dimensions of the new retaining wall made of reinforced concrete and covered with tuff stones.

Though considering the high landscape and archaeological value of the area, CIBeC expresses its opinion of full adequacy for the construction of the new manufact since it ensures the stability of the embankment, taking also into account that

  1. From the landscape point of view, it does not alter the landscape and environmental values of the area since it is covered with tuff;
  2. From an archaeological point of view, the excavation work is superficial and of modest entity.

Finally, it should be emphasized that the construction of the portion of the wall in tuff masonry, on account of the dimensions of the cross section dictated by the existing property restrictions, would make unusable the wholw condominium access.

Period: 2015

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