Resti pompeiani

C.I.Be.C. Collaboration

Pompeii – insula occidentalis


“…we have thus seen archaeologists and engineers facing curves and differences in height; architects discuss with archaeologists; agronomists illustrate the formation of a vegetal landscape or an engineer who becomes a photographer specialized in the development of documenting strategies for outcrops and height jumps; a dialogue of knowledge, until some time ago, almost precluded by the rigid disciplinary ministerial cages. And Pompeii, once again, proves to be an experimental didactic laboratory, unquestionably unique in the world. ” (Giovanna Greco “The Frederick II for Pompeii”, in “Pompeii, Insula Occidentalis. Knowledge, excavation, restoration and enhancement ” – 2020).

The CIBeC gave its contribution with the intervention of prof. Giulio Fabricatore who, in May 2015, created and processed in photo stitching the photographic shots of the excavation face of the Insula Occidentalis and the Bourbon mound that currently characterizes the panorama of the insula, still partially buried by the Bourbon mound.

Period: 2020

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