Dettaglio murario di uno scavo archeologico ad Ercolano

C.I.Be.C. Collaboration

Ercolano, theatre



The Soprintendenza appointed CIBeC to carry out a scientific investigation of the causes of geotechni- cal, static, architectonic, technological instability and environmental deterioration of the Roman theatre of Ercolano and the Bourbon galleries and tunnels surrounding it. CIBeC was also asked to put forward the necessary remedies to ensure a correct conservation of the ancient structures and to plan a guided itinerary for the public, identifying limits and prescriptions for the monument’s use.


Soprintendenza Archaeologica di Pompei

OBJECTIVES: Conservation and use of the Roman theatre of Ercolano PHASES

  • Geotechnical report
  • Investigation of water infiltration
  • Structural monitoring
  • Evaluation of thermo-hygrometric conditions
  • Investigation of the presence of radon
  • Upgrading of utility systems
  • Report on the possibilities for use on the basis of findings
  • Hypothetical project, integrating the theatre with the ancient city

PERIOD: June 1996 – September 1999

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