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C.I.Be.C. Collaboration

Fonderia storica Chiurazzi



The present owners of the historical Chiurazzi foundry (f.lli Setaro) wish to survey the enormous collection of plaster casts belonging to the firm. In almost all cases these were casts used in the production of models with the “lost wax” technique. Most casts represent models which cannot readily be identified


Owners of Fonderia Storica Chiurazzi (Setaro brothers).


Possibility of identifying and recording the “positive” forms enveloped in the casts in the collection


  • Analysis and characterization of the collection
  • Study of solutions which are technologically compatible with the casts’ conservation and integrity
  • Identification of a solution making it possible to visualize the forms
  • Definition of a procedure for a simple and repeatable application of the identified solution

PERIOD: October – November 2003

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