Veduta di una villa sul golfo in provincia di Napoli

C.I.Be.C. Collaboration

Napoli – Castel Capuano



The Superintendence of Architectural, Landscape, Historical, Artistic and Ethno-Anthropological Heritage for Naples and the Province has entrusted the C.I.Be.C. with a “specialized study that highlights the feasibility program for the improvement of the complex of Castel Capuano”


Superintendence of Architectural, Landscape, Historical, Artistic and Ethno-anthropological Heritage for Naples and its Province


Guidelines for new uses and compatible technological and environmental interventions, with preliminary monitoring of the static conditions of 19th-20th century structures (roof trusses, ceilings, walls) and identification of necessary upgrading intervention typologies.


  • Definition of uses, with blueprint and illustrative report.
  • Report on statics suggesting planning guidelines to be respected and various intervention typologies
  • Report on environmental conditioning plants and optimization of energy saving performance from sta- tics analysis
  • Report on electrical systems
  • Indicative financial evaluations

PERIOD: year 2011

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