Veduta di una villa sul golfo in provincia di Napoli

C.I.Be.C. Collaboration

Palazzo Amoretti – Portici



Following the decision to designate the ancient Palazzo Amoretti as Palazzo dei Servizi Sociali, the Comune di Portici commissioned CIBeC to provide a consultancy on the interventions of extraordinary mainte- nance required to ensure a correct conservation and use of the ancient Palazzo Amoretti


Municipality of Portici


Project of feasibility of the interventions of extraordinary maintenance for upgrading the ancient Palazzo Amoretti as “Palazzo dei Servizi Sociali”


  • Definition and localization of the functions required by the new designation
  • Identification of technical interventions necessary to carry out interventions of extraordinary maintenance and a summary quantification
  • Drawing up the feasibility project for all the identified interventions complete with all the necessary graphs and calculations as well as indicative computation of prices and the safety plan

PERIOD: July 2003 – October 2004

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