Dettaglio di una pavimentazione ad Ercolano

C.I.Be.C. Collaboration




The Soprintendenza appointed CIBeC to define the strategic criteria for interventions of ordinary main- tenance at the Colosseum with particular reference to deterioration of materials, protection from electric shocks and the electric wiring in general, and the safety of the walkways and sectors open to the public


Soprintendenza Archaeologica di Roma


  • Criteria for interventions of ordinary maintenance for the Colosseum’s conservation
  • Final overall report


  • Report on the examination of documentation made available by the Administration
  • Examination of structures in degraded reinforced concrete
  • Cataloguing of metallic elements
  • Analysis of walkways and proposals for making viewing points safe
  • Study featuring an analysis of the C.E.I. norms and their applicability to the monument with an indica- tion of the methodology to be adopted in the planning phase
  • Final overall report summarising the results obtained and the criteria formulated

PERIOD: February 1995 – November 1995

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