Un dettaglio della galleria Umberto a Napoli

C.I.Be.C. Collaboration

Institute de Grenoble



The Istituto Grenoble di Napoli, part of the French national heritage in Italy, showed serious problems of deterioration in the tuff façade, in spite of a series of interventions over the last twenty years. The CIBeC was appointed to study the causes of deterioration and decide what conservation measures should be taken.

REFERENT: French Foreign Ministry CLIENT

Study of problems of deterioration of the Institute’s tuff façade


  • Historical analysis of the building
  • Survey of the façade, identifying anomalies with the use of land photogrammetry, and survey of dete- rioration situation with graphic representation
  • Examination of the building’s stability with reference to elements of the original project and report on the state of structural conservation, with particular attention to deterioration of the tuff wall cladding
  • Analysis of the methodologies used to mount the wall cladding, study of the details of the protruding elements in the façade, analysis of deterioration and its causes, analysis of the relationship between these causes and the original building methodologies
  • Tests for evaluation of the deterioration of the stonework and verification of the efficacy of methods used in treatment
  • Mechanical tests on the tuff
  • Final report including summary of findings and definition of conservation measures.

PERIOD: November 1994 – April 1995

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