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18th edition of the specialization course in engineering for cultural heritage

18th edition of the specialization course in engineering for cultural heritage

In the last fifty years the most peculiar aspects of both civil and industrial engineering played a fundamental role in the conservation of Cultural Heritage and in particular of the built heritage. This task is often addressed in a design vision that does not take into account the specificities of Cultural Heritage; moreover, the regulations of engineering, designed for modern architecture, are often not in tune with the principles of the preservation of Cultural Heritage. For over a decade, cibec has been committed to establishing a synergy between humanistic knowledge and technical-scientific knowledge, in order to promote a conservation project culture based on historical and scientific bases.

And so, we are arrived at the 18th edition of the specialization course in Engineering for cultural heritage, intended for graduates (three-year and master) in all classes of Engineering or Architecture.

Aim: The training of professionals, officials and technicians in the field of Conservation of Cultural Heritage, in particular of the historical building, has unique connotations and specificities compared to the academic preparation of engineers and architects. It requires the preliminary acquisition of an interdisciplinary language that combines the needs of historical knowledge and conservation with the technical-scientific issues related to the degradation of the products, their safety and usability. For the various specialist sectors, the peculiarities related to the problems of Cultural Heritage will be highlighted through the analysis of the most recurrent cases. Finally, the basic criteria and guidelines for the conservation projects of architectural and historical-artistic artifacts will be provided.


  • Elements of archaeology and history of ancient architecture
  • Elements of architecture history
  • Building types of architecture
  • Traditional materials and degradation
  • The ancient construction concept
  • Traditional building techniques
  • Geotechnics for the historical built
  • Diagnostics for the historical built
  • The preservation of the historical built and the modern built
  • Innovative materials and modern techniques
  • Multimedia documentation methods
  • Applied Physics for Cultural Heritage
  • Plant for Cultural Heritage
  • Principles of lighting technology
  • Architectural design and conservation
  • Management and enhancement of cultural heritage

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