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Conclusion of the 1st edition of the Specialitazion Course in Monuments and Earthquakes

Conclusion of the 1st edition of the Specialization Course in Monuments and Earthquakes

The first edition of the advanced course in Monuments and Earthquakes has been successfully completed. The final activities included a visit, organized by the director of C.I.Be.C. Prof. Luciano Rosati, to the excavation sites of the Ancient Theatre of Naples, a splendid example of a Roman structure dating back to the 1st century B.C.

Located in the ancient center of the city, near the upper decumanus, it represents an exciting challenge for engineering in support of archaeological activities, as the archaeological finds are located below the urban fabric of Naples and the proscenium is completely underground.

The guided tour was therefore an interesting opportunity for the students of the course to observe firsthand the challenges that engineering at the service of the protection and rediscovery of cultural heritage is daily facing.

The President of the C.I.Be.C. and the teachers express their heartfelt thanks to those who have allowed the realization of the course and the students who have intervened, wishing them the best wishes for a satisfactory continuation of their careers.

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